Terms of Service

  1. About us:
    1. Shapecloud, in reference to the company from this point on, available through our website www.shapecloud.ph, from this point referred to as the “website”, is a service provider under office location: 88 Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City, Philippines
    2. You may contact us via email: info@shapecloud.ph
    3. For urgent concerns, or mobile contact number requirements, please call: +63 917 536 2852
  2. Agreement:
    1. Your use of the website is subject to your complete compliance with the terms and conditions noted below, and if these are not agreed to, do not use the website.
    2. At any time, Shapecloud may modify these terms and conditions, which would be effective immediately upon posting. Your continuous use and access of the site shall be considered as your full acceptance to the modified terms and conditions.
  3. Usage:
    1. You may utilize any of the services provided by the website, provided you are of legal age and authority to do so.
    2. Access to certain services may be restricted to account ownership, which would be provided the functionality of a password system. You, as the account owner, are responsible for the confidentiality of your own account passwords, and are responsible for all actions done under said account. We will not be liable for any loss or damage, arising from your failure to protect your account/password access to said account.
    3. You are solely responsible for providing true and accurate information with regard to account details, and maintaining updated data to assure accuracy and completeness.
  4. Ordering:
    1. You would be selecting a 3D (CAD) design to have printed, and this can be through uploading your own design, uploading a design you had hired Shapecloud to produce (as a separate service), choosing an existing design from our shop via the shop page, etc.
    2. Unless otherwise agreed upon, once a product is ordered, Shapecloud has the right to hold off on printing proper until full payment is provided for and received.
    3. Once payment has been made, you make an offer to us to buy a custom product, and this will serve as a binding agreement except when there is an inability to process or manufacture an order, in which case you shall be informed at latest within 5 working days after. For cases where designs have been processed and there was an inability to produce the design, Shapecloud will provide a full refund for the amount of money paid in either cash or in-kind services depending on agreement.
    4. Shapecloud may at any time during the quotation, ordering, and manufacturing process, revoke and/or cancel any quotation/order, if there are technical reasons to do so. In such cases, Shapecloud will provide a full refund for the amount of money paid in either cash or in-kind services depending on agreement.
  5. Intellectual Property
    1. By uploading a design file meant for printing, or by submitting an order to Shapecloud, you confirm that you are the owner of said design, or have obtained from a third party, the rights that are required for submitting said design to Shapecloud for its services, without violation of any intellectual property rights.
    2. Shapecloud reserves the right to refuse to produce a design that risks infringing the rights of a third party, and will not be liable for any violation against a third party if and when an intellectual property violation has occurred outside of the knowledge of Shapecloud.
  6. Payment and Delivery – Risk of Payment
    1. Shapecloud calculates price based on various aspects of material use, finishing availed of, time required for the printing, complication of design, etc.
    2. Shapecloud remains the sole owner of the products until entire payment, transport fees, and all other concerning payments have been made by the client.
    3. Shapecloud reserves the right to refrain from giving subsequent quotations, or to terminate an existing delivery, as long as any outstanding issued orders remain unpaid.
    4. The average time required to produce a model is about 5-7 working days depending on the design, this would serve as an indication but in no way binds Shapecloud to fill any given order within this range.
    5. Should any delay in order fulfillment occur outside of the fault of Shapecloud, as a result of a change in working conditions, third party logistics issues, or the like, Shapecloud cannot be held liable for such delay.
    6. Shapecloud uses its discretion in selecting proper couriers for delivery, and all risks during transport are borne by you.
    7. Unless otherwise agreed upon, other taxes or fees for the delivery of the product, even if not explicitly mentioned on a quotation sent by Shapecloud, will be paid by you. The default price calculation is made in Philippine Peso (PHP)
    8. As products are made on the basis of your sole choice or discretion, there is no right to return or cancel your order once paid, outside of the case where clearly defective products are produced and delivered.
    9. Shapecloud prints files as provided, and therefore any minimal shrinkage or discrepancies in dimensions that cause minimal appearance difference or imperfect fits for connecting/moving parts will not be considered defective products and will not be eligible for refund/in-kind refund, unless otherwise agreed upon.
    10. You should not return a product without having received an explicit request from Shapecloud to do so.
    11. Upon inspection, should you feel that the product is clearly defective in terms of its discrepancy from your chosen design, you should contact us as soon as possible, and at the latest 5 days from receiving the item. In the case that you do not exercise this right, you dismiss Shapecloud of any liability for potential consequences of the usage or display of said product.
    12. The liability of Shapecloud for real and proven damage, will, regardless of the gravity of the said defect/failure, be limited to the price of the product. All other liabilities such as that of consequential loss, or other indirect faults, as a result of third party liability, will not fall on Shapecloud.
  7. Liability Limitation
    1. The content and information provided on the website, and your access of the said site, does not create any relationship between you and Shapecloud. All the information and content obtained through the website are provided “AS IS” without warranty of any kind.
    2. You hereby waive all other warranties relating thereto, including but not limited to, any type of warranty of merchantability, etc.
    3. Shapecloud does not warrant that the website’s performance will be uninterrupted or free from errors or that any errors or defective products will be or can be corrected.