Shapecloud’s main service is to provide 3D printing services for its customers, by creating custom objects for personal projects, business prototypes, finished products, special gifts, and many more! We offer a number of different combinations for color, and finishing to fit our customers’ preferences! Learn more about our other services as well, like 3D scanning, 3D modeling, and post-3D print manufacturing.

Classic Services


3D Printing

In its classic look and feel, objects are custom 3D printed per the designs provided by the customers, or from our curated shop! These raw prints make up the backbone of Shapecloud’s services!


Multi-Coat (single color) Painting

Firstly, the finished print is subject to detailed cleaning and sanding. Afterwards, multiple coats of single color fine quality paint to get that shiny polished finish.

Special Finishing Options


Full Color Painting

After detailed sanding, the object is painted with layers of base coatings, and then detailed with acrylic colors to match your needs! or full color painted finishing inquiries, please reach via our talk to us page!


Metal Finishing (Bronze)

A shapecloud specialty and innovative finish for 3D prints, a complex process of coating with genuine bronze, provides a classy sheen and really unique look! For pricing and inquiry, feel free to reach out via our talk to us page!

3D Scanning and CAD Services


3D Scanning

Shapecloud utilizes different types of 3D scanners that analyze the physical structure of a person or thing. No CAD knowledge is needed, as a point cloud is created to generate a 3D design, that can be 3D printed out through our services to either scale or replicate the desired object. For scanning inquiries and quotations, please reach out via our talk to us page!


3D CAD Services

If you don’t know how to do 3D (CAD) design, then you can avail of our services to have one of our designers use your provided drawings, images, and references, to come up with a 3D design to have printed. For quotations or questions about our 3D (CAD) services, please reach out via our talk to us page!

Need a lot of prints?
3D printing for a prototype? Or looking to have a bulk order produced? Shapecloud can handle mass production needs post-print, and to inquire about this please reach out to
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