Privacy Policy

  1. Without limitation, any of the following pieces of information/data may be collected:
    1. Name
    2. Date of birth
    3. Contact information (i.e. email addresses, mobile/telephone number, etc.)
    4. Demographic information (i.e. delivery address, preferences, etc.)
    5. IP Address, and web browser details (collected by default)
    6. Referenced URLs (i.e. activity on website, a referring site, etc.) and Cookie information
  2. Cookies:
    1. These are files containing minimal information, which become downloaded to your device once a website is visited. Cookies are sent back from that point, to the subject website. These are important so that a website can recognize a user’s device.
    2. You can opt to enable or disable cookies from your web browser.
  3. Data access and use:
    1. Your settings data can be changed and altered freely from your settings page by accessing the website.
    2. Any personal data submitted, will be retained by Shapecloud for as long as services are used, and this information may be retained for a longer period until account archiving.
  4. Third Party website links:
    1. Under any or multiple pages of the website, Shapecloud may reference third party websites, these may be for matters that include, but are not limited to, payment facilitation, delivery of ordered items, marketing, and other services.
    2. Limited to third parties that do not have to do with Shapecloud transactions, these aforementioned third parties do not have access to certain personal data provided by users on to this website.
  5. Changes of business or to this policy:
    1. We reserve the right to expand or minimize business features or offerings from time to time.
    2. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy as we deem as necessary at any given point in time, or as required by law.