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SculptGL is an online sculpting application that utilizes classic sculpting tools such as drag, brush, or smooth, as well as, dynamic and adaptive topological tools.

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Combine two or more 3D designs through MeshMixer and see what your creativity forms.

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Autodesk 123D

You can create a variety of 3D designs such as, characters or other objects, with the free applications Autodesk 123D offers.

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3D Tin

Through 3D Tin, you can create your designs by starting out and building your design with a basic template.

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Tinkercad is a user friendly program that guides you as you create your first objects.

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Skimlab is an online 3D modeling tool that makes sculpting easier and faster in a unique way.

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Sketch Up

Draw or draft your designs to form your 3D models using Sketch Up.

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Project Shapeshifter

Begin your designs using multiple pre-made templates with Project Shapeshifter, and manipulate them by scrollin g through different property.